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Artistry by Nicolas Bruno

The Somnia Tarot was created by Nicolas Bruno, a New York based artist working in the mediums of photography, sculpture, and costume design.

Inspired by Dreams and Nightmares

Dream journal recordings are intertwined through the storytelling of The Somnia Tarot, bridging the gap between reality and the subconscious.

Created through Photography

Every scene within The Somnia Tarot was created through photography with elements of sculpture and costume design.

"Nicolas has breathed new life into what was once a simple deck of cards from 15th Century Italy, and has delivered a truly original and authentic depiction of those cards, befitting today's world, most especially in regards to their meanings. Never has there been a more unique, and beautifully designed take on capturing the essence of the Tarot, and I have seen thousands in my time."

Vanessa Lousie Sharples, Lecturer of Occultic Studies & Tarot, United Kingdom

"A breathtakingly poignant adaptation of the classic Tarot."

Erica Berkowitz, Director, Haven Gallery, NY