The Somnia Tarot: Free Shipping for USA!

Stunning deck!!! This deck was love at first sight for me. Thank you!

Astonishing deck - truly one of a kind. Beautifully crafted and presented - everything I hoped for and more. I can't wait to use it. Thank you Nicolas Bruno for your brilliant realization of such a creative and imaginative concept. The work involved is phenomenal. Ordered from the UK and delivered within a week - outstanding level of service. One very happy customer!

Gorgeous deck and easy to shuffle which makes such a huge diff to me.

Such a fantastic deck! Artwork is unparalleled in anything I have ever seen in a taro deck. The images really do remind me of dreams. Each card has that otherworldly energy to it. Just an excellent, excellent job with this deck!

Just as gorgeous as the deck. So well done and professional. Fabulous!

I found out about the Somnia Tarot last year during its crowd funding process, but as I lived in the UK I was unable to pre order due to delivery issues, and so I waited patiently until they were available for UK shipping. I was over the moon when they finally became available to order via etsy - and they arrived so quickly considering they were shipped from the US! I work as a professional medium and collect tarot decks and I can honestly say I have not fallen in love with a deck this hard since my very first rider waite deck. The photography is breathtakingly evocative - I am honestly astounded by Nicolas Bruno’s talent. Most decks I collect end up stuck on my shelf, but this deck will be cherished and used regularly in my readings with clients. Thank you so, so much - I’m so happy to finally own the Somnia Tarot! 🖤

Omg y'all normally, I say I love every deck I get. BUT, these cards speak to my entire being. As a lover of psychology I believe these cards can bring real awareness to certain traumas and mental illnesses in my tarot sessions. I'm so in love, thank you.

Such a beautiful item . I bought it for my sister and she cried when she saw it because of how gorgeous it is ! Fantastic thank you!

A friend has this deck and I've been in awe of the haunting, powerful images for so long. I finally indulged and bought my own deck. I love it.

High quality print, I loved reading the description of the traditional Tarot card along with the inspiration for the unique photo composed for each card.

This deck is STUNNING!!! Beautiful tarot deck!!!♥️✨

😯😯omg these so awesome😍the imagery, the feel, the thickness, these cards are perfect, I have not come across a tarot deck like this before and I can’t wait to use these in my readings for my clients, I mean just wow 😯

Beautiful deck, each card is so stunning!

This is a stunning deck with wonderfully eerie images and a mysterious energy that I find extremely addicting! Such a special creation! Thank you!

Delightful, inspiring, beautiful. A must-buy.

Absolutely stunning deck and companion book! Nicolas was so helpful with sorting shipping to the UK, thank you so much Nicolas. I look forward to working with this beautiful deck.

OMG....This seller deserves 10 stars! This is the BEST tarot deck I have seen in a very long time! As a Tarot Reader of 45 yrs. and a collector, this is the most wonderful photographic deck on the market! It is pure genius!!! Lightening fast shipping, the packing was beautiful! Wonderfully presented, I felt very special just opening the box! :) I can't wait to start using this deck, I know it will be giving accurate readings! Thank you Nicolas!!! I will be back! :) AAA+++

Cards quality are amazing, pictures are even better than what I thought. Can't wait to try it.

Lovely deck that was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition!

I've been waiting for this to become available in the UK for ages, and it arrived very quickly and in lovely condition. The cards are just about shuffleable with my small hands, and the art is gorgeous on them. Love this deck.

The quality and talent put into this deck are just out of this world. This man has put his soul into his artwork and it shows. Truly phenomenal

These cards are stunning, Nicolas's artistic interpretation through photography is breathtaking and very moving. I'ts like stepping into a dream world. I completely vibe with this deck. The cardstock is fantastic, and delivery was very quick. I'm extremely satisfied with this purchase. Thank you Nicolas Bruno!

Absolutely beautiful deck. Incredible artwork. Shipped quickly. So happy to add this gorgeous tarot to collection 💖

The photography is impeccable. Amazing deck.

Absolutely incredible. Every card is a masterpiece.

I adore the deck! The quality is exactly as expected, and the artwork is gorgeous and moody. It's just what I was looking for.

Stunning. Drop dead gorgeous and full of curiosities. My new favorite deck.

Surprised by how quickly I received this. Beautiful and unique images. The card stock is excellent.

A beautiful Tarot deck! Super fast shipping to the UK. The materials used are excellent, very nice card stock. The photography is wonderful. A unique style that shines and tells stories.

I’ve been excited about this stunning tarot set since it was first announced. And it does not disappoint, each card is a beautiful work of art, cannot recommended highly enough for tarot enthusiast or art lovers. 10/10!

Ordered on the 30th of January and todays the 4th of Feb… and I’m in the UK! That was insanely fast shipping! The cards are stunning, I’m so in love with them and a nice touch that they came in an organza bag too. I will be spending many hours admiring these. Thank you!

The price is premium, and so is the outstanding quality of the product. This tarot deck displays an artful essence and insight in the best traditions of tarot, and the Major Arcana in particular are absolutely breathtaking. From the preview images my expectations were high, they have have been exceeded.

Lovely deck, really unique - nothing like any other deck I've seen, and very high quality. Dispatch was super fast and it reached me in the UK safe and sound.

The deck is beautiful and everything that I'd hoped for. I'm a very happy customer.

Absolutely beautiful deck. Superb quality and excellent presentation. Fast dispatch too. Can't wait to get using them. Thank you to Nicolas Bruno for this fantastic creation!

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