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Beautiful Bizarre Magazine: To Predict the Future, Allow Nicolas Bruno to Photograph Your Fate

"...Inside his dream journal, the monsters terrorizing his nightmares meet his flow of creativity that trickles out from his desire to put his suffering into the grave. The product of his tinkering results in the sultry and dark imagery of his photography; documenting his voyage and battle against the incubus. Photography has paved a way for him to demonstrate what one might see and feel in a paralyzed state.

This year, Nicolas Bruno continues the filament of the waking terror through his recent exhibit at Haven Gallery in New York titled The Somnia Tarot. In this anthology, he sheds light on the seventy-eight cards of the classic Rider-Waite deck used in tarot reading through his signature enigmatic style that manifests mysterious and enchanting photographs. In this exclusive interview with the artist, Nicolas Bruno recounts the project’s point of creation, the history that led him to oscillate to tarot cards, his experience with divination tools, the craftsmanship behind the interpretation of the cards, the designs and props hauled to portray the readings, and the nuances that depict the thread between him and tarot. - Matthew Burgos"

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