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July 2021 Project Update: The Somnia Tarot

July Project Update: The Somnia Tarot

Thank you all for your incredible support and patience while The Somnia Tarot decks are en route to my art studio!

Below are numerous updates on the progress of the project:

The printing press has released the shipment of the decks as of July 30th!

• Due to shipping delays and pandemic under-staffing, I was advised by the press that the decks are expected to arrive to my studio Late August - Early September. This delay is unfortunate but to be expected as the world is still recovering from the pandemic. Countries with VAT restrictions will be able to purchase the decks on my Etsy store when they arrive.

The Somnia Tarot Companion Book is in the final stages of review with my new editor! I am currently locking in a deal with a book press that will allow me to produce the books at an economical price point for you all. An e-book will also be produced.

The Somnia Tarot Mobile App concept is currently being designed! This app will contain spreads and shuffling functionality, a browsing library of the full series, and other fun features. I am hoping to have this released before December 2021.

• As a bonus for all presale patrons, every deck that has been purchased will now arrive with a 6 x 9 Navy Satin Drawstring Bag! This bag protects the deck during shipping and can be reused for trinkets and magic possessions. At no charge, the bag will automatically be included in your order.

• Multiple designs for The Somnia Tarot Character T-shirts are being reviewed by a screenprinting shop and will be available this before the holidays. Below is the concept design for the Two of Swords Shirt.

I will continue to send updates as I receive them from the press + updates on upcoming products that are entering The Somnia Tarot universe.

If you need me to change your address for your shipment, or add new items to an existing order, please feel free to contact me directly at

Being a one man team, I greatly appreciate your patience and support for my vision of creating The Somnia Tarot!

As always - if you have any product suggestions, feel free to email me or contact me on Instagram: @nicolasbruno

Have an amazing week!

- Nicolas