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July 2022 Project Update: "The Somnia Tarot" by Nicolas Bruno

July Project Update: Thank you so much for the continuous support for The Somnia Tarot! Here are some exciting updates:

The Somnia Tarot Spread Cloth -
"The Star"
- 100% Purple Cotton, 21.5 x 21.5 inches, Made in the USA

- Features a brilliant star design with metallic gold and solid silver ink

- To be used at twilight to conjure inspiration from the infinite cosmos above.

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- The Somnia Tarot: Illustrated Version is almost complete! I have been working tirelessly on the illustrations for the upcoming deck release. I am incredibly excited to share the images once they have been fully colored. I plan to launch the deck presale by mid September. Above is a preview of the black and white ink drawing for The Emperor, which is created on 100% Cotton Arches Paper with archival ink, along with a digitally colored draft.

Hand Embellished Artifact: The Aurum Wand
- One of a kind wand adorned with true 24kt Gold Leaf
- Shaft layered with hand-ground green Malachite pigment
- 16 inches long - Hard Maple - Made in the USA
- Embellished by The Somnia Tarot creator Nicolas Bruno
- The Aurum Wand brings forth visions of prosperity, fortune, and unearthed treasures.

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- The Somnia Tarot Ice Cream Artist Collaboration Flavor with Lic’s of Northport, NY launches on August 1st! After the success of our first flavor collab, we created a new blend to pair with The Somnia Tarot universe: Organic Earl Grey Tea + Dark Chocolate + Golden Dust + Navy Waffle Cone. The flavor will be available at Lic’s Ice Cream in Northport, New York. The best part - every scoop sold comes with a free tarot card!

- This November, I will travel to London’s College of Psychic Studies to be a featured speaker at their upcoming symposium: Tarot for Dreamers & Visionaries: A Dialogue of Self and Soul”. I will be diving deep into the creation of The Somnia Tarot through backstories, imagery, and behind the scenes videos. My presentation takes place on November 19th at 11:45am (UK Time). If you will be in the area, come say hello!

Limited Run: The Somnia Tarot Spread Cloth - "The Star" in Midnight Black
- 100% Midnight Black Cotton, Metallic gold and solid silver inks, 21.5 x 21.5 inches, Made in the USA
- Only seventeen spread cloths have been printed, grab one before they're gone!
Only available on my Etsy store:

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Personal life update: After five incredible years of creating, I unfortunately am moving out of my art studio here in New York. My landlord and great friend is moving to a new home, so I have been working on moving my belongings into storage over the last few months.

Although it deeply saddens me to leave, I am so thankful for the opportunity to have occupied this space and the generosity of my landlord. The majority of my artwork was created in this building, and many of the images would not have been possible without it. This will put a significant delay on the production of The Somnia Tarot Expansion, which was planned to be completed by early 2023. I will continue to work in accessible and low maintenance mediums in the meantime. Above are some memories of how I transformed the space into a functioning art studio.

The release of my new video documentary has been postponed to a public release in early 2023, but the final cut of the film is complete. The team over at Underhill Productions has gone above and beyond to create this incredible film with me. I cannot wait to share it with you all.

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Being a one man team, I greatly appreciate your patience and support for my vision of creating The Somnia Tarot!

As always - if you have any product suggestions, feel free to email me or contact me on Instagram: @nicolasbruno

Have an amazing week!

- Nicolas