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June 2021 Project Update: The Somnia Tarot

June Project Update: The Somnia Tarot

Thank you all for your incredible support and patience while The Somnia Tarot decks are being put into production!

Below are numerous updates on the progress of the project:

• The printing press has finished producing the cards! They are currently packing the shipment to be sent. We are still looking at a
Late Summer 2021 arrival date for the decks. I will begin to ship them as soon as they arrive.

The Somnia Tarot Hardcover Art Book is 90% complete! I am working on securing a special Foreword written by a guest author. Once that’s complete, I will put the books into production.

• I have also finished writing The Somnia Tarot Companion Book, which will feature my writings on all of the imagery within the series. Fans of Waite’s The Pictorial Key to Tarot will enjoy the composition of this upcoming book.

• The first coin design for “XVIII - The Moon” Chance Coin has been submitted to a coin press. The press will craft these 1.5 in diameter coins in Antiqued Copper. Each design is meticulously chiseled into dies and pressed into the coin blanks.

The prototypes for The Somnia Tarot Pendulum and The Somnia Tarot Letter Opener have arrived in 3D printed steel, but they will ultimately be produced and cast in an energy conductive metal.

Three graphic designs have been completed for the upcoming T-shirt launch! I am currently working out the logistics of having the shirts screen printed.

• Coming early July on Etsy: “XVIII - The Moon” Letterpress Tarot Cards. These limited edition cards are signed and numbered out of 100. Produced through the Letterpress process, these 3 x 5 cards are created with heavy cotton stock, black inked fronts, and a gold inked back design. These cards were created in collaboration with my good friends over at Hoban Press in Washington. The cards will be exclusively available on my new Etsy store early July, which will be the primary avenue for UK friends to obtain The Somnia Tarot Decks.

I will continue to send updates as I receive them from the press + updates on upcoming products that are entering The Somnia Tarot universe.

If you need me to change your address for your shipment, or add new items to an existing order, please feel free to contact me directly at

Being a one man team, I greatly appreciate your patience and support for my vision of creating The Somnia Tarot!

As always - if you have any product suggestions, feel free to email me or contact me on Instagram: @nicolasbruno

Have an amazing week!

- Nicolas