The Somnia Tarot: Free Shipping for USA!

May 2021 Project Update: The Somnia Tarot

Thank you all for your incredible support and patience while The Somnia Tarot decks are being put into production!

Below are numerous updates on the progress of the project:

• The physical pre-production proof of
The Somnia Tarot Deck has arrived from the press!

• The appearance and materials for the box + cards have been tested and approved for production - extremely exciting!

• The final information booklet sample required some material and format changes, those of which has been resubmitted to the press as of May 5th 2021

• The press has advised me of shipping delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic and decreased staffing. While the decks are scheduled to be produced on time - the expected shipping arrival date has been pushed to: Late Summer 2021

The Somnia Tarot Spread Cloths have arrived to my studio and have been approved for quality and functionality

UK Patrons: An Etsy shop that accepts VAT will be opened once the deck shipment arrives to my studio. I will be sending out a code for the original presale price via email. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive it!

• New products are currently in their final stages of development, such as:
The Somnia Tarot Artbook, The Somnia Tarot Pendulum, Character T-Shirts, 3D Sculpture Candles, and more!

Below are images of the physical pre-production deck sample: