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October 2022 Project Update: "The Somnia Tarot" by Nicolas Bruno

The Somnia Tarot by Nicolas Bruno

October Project Update: Thank you so much for the continuous support for The Somnia Tarot! Here are some exciting updates:

The Somnia Tarot: Illustrated Edition Presale is set to launch on my birthday, November 9th!

This week, I will finalize the packaging templates for the printing press. I have applied lots of feedback from our first launch and made several improvements to this upcoming edition.

Some of the new features of the deck will include: Standard Tarot Size Cards, Gilded Edges, a reformatted version of the Companion Book in booklet sizing, a new back design, new color scheme, and more.

I cannot wait to share this new project with you!

Below is a sneak peek from the promo imagery that I've created:

If you are attending the December NYC Oddities Flea Market, you will have the chance to pick up a promo Tarot card of "The Emperor" at my market booth, along with other new The Somnia Tarot prototype products. I hope to see you there!

The Somnia Tarot: Signature Candles - I am in the process of creating a line of signature candles with two independent artisans (a talented potter and candle maker). The candle vessels will be kiln-fired with custom glazes and gold luster designs from The Somnia Tarot: Illustrated Edition. I will be premiering the prototypes at the NYC Oddities Flea Market in December. I will also offer a standard version of each candle to make them more accessible. The scents above are temporary ideas and will be refined before the launch.

- I am traveling to London’s College of Psychic Studies to be a featured speaker at their upcoming symposium: Tarot for Dreamers & Visionaries: A Dialogue of Self and Soul”. I will be diving deep into the creation of The Somnia Tarot through backstories, imagery, and behind the scenes videos. My presentation takes place on November 19th at 11:45am (UK Time). If you will be in the area, come say hello!

• Please feel free to contact me regarding the following issues:
- Missing / Misprinted / Damaged Cards
- Damaged packages
- Missing items in your order

I will be happy to correct these errors. Any printing errors are being logged and submitted to the press for future notation.

Please feel free to tag @somniatarot on social media! Any social media buzz is greatly appreciated, whether it's a photo, video, or a simple comment. Some posts may even get featured on The Somnia Tarot stories!

I will continue to send updates as more news develops and new products enter The Somnia Tarot universe.

If you need help with anything, please feel free to contact me directly at

Being a one man team, I greatly appreciate your patience and support for my vision of creating The Somnia Tarot!

As always - if you have any product suggestions, feel free to email me or contact me on Instagram: @nicolasbruno

Have an amazing week!

- Nicolas