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October Project Update - The Somnia Tarot

October Shipping Update: The Somnia Tarot

The Tarot decks are arriving all around the world!

October Project/Shipping Update: The Somnia Tarot

Orders are now arriving around the world! I am blown away by the incredible responses, photos, and videos that are being shared on social media. I am grateful for your support and feedback!

• If you have not received an email tracking notification, your order has not shipped yet. Thank you for your patience!

• Shipments are being sent out in waves of bulk packages. I am working by myself + with my sister when she has time, so I appreciate your continued patience. We are inspecting each product for quality control, packing, and shipping all orders. I will hopefully transfer over to a fulfillment company in the future to speed up shipping.

• If your order has not shipped yet, do not worry!
I am working as fast as I can to ship your orders. I'm hoping to finish before the end of this month.

• The Etsy listing for UK Patrons will go live when I finish catching up on presale orders. This will allow me to fulfill orders as soon as they are received. This will be announced via the newsletter and socials.

Please email me if you are experiencing any of the following issues:
- Duplicate / Missing / Misprinted / Damaged Cards
- Damaged packages
- Missing items in your order (if you ordered in two events, they may not have shipped together, this is my error and I apologize)

I will be happy to correct these errors. Any printing errors are being logged and submitted to the press for future notation.

Due to high email volume, any messages related to non-urgent order status checks are discouraged. You can check the status of your order on the site by creating an account/checking your order confirmation.

Please feel free to tag @somniatarot on social media! Any social media buzz is greatly appreciated, whether it's a photo, video, or a simple comment. Some posts may even get featured on The Somnia Tarot stories!