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September Mini Project Update: The Somnia Tarot

September Mini Project Update: The Somnia Tarot

Thank you all for your incredible support and patience while The Somnia Tarot decks are en route to my art studio!

I want to share these quick updates to keep everyone in the loop:

As of September 15th, the Tarot deck inventory is currently in NYC, where it is being consolidated by the shipping division of the printing press. They will be loading the shipment onto a box truck and delivering it to my Long Island studio. Although they did not hit our estimated goal of the September 16th shipping date, I am doing everything within my power to expedite the inventory delivery. I greatly appreciate your patience as I navigate the world of pandemic shipping delays.

While I am waiting for the delivery schedule, I am actively building shipping boxes so I can dispatch the orders as soon as I receive them. My sister and I will be packaging each order with care. Everything will be ready to go as soon as they arrive!

*** If you have moved/are moving,
Please send me your new shipping address ASAP! ***

*** If you are unsure about your address, I can put your order on hold for you. Just ask! ***

You can reply directly to this message with your new address, or you can make an account on the website to change your address. Directly sending me the address is the easiest option.

The lathe tooling parts for The Somnia Tarot Wands are currently being created! The woodshop takes my rough drawing and sculpts knives from it, which allows a lathe to cut each wand perfectly in hard Maple wood. I am testing interesting finishes and stains in the meantime. The woodshop said the pieces should be finished in 6-8 weeks. These wands will be created in limited quantity for the first run. This design is inspired by the many brass candelabras in The Somnia Tarot series.

Two of the designs for The Somnia Tarot T-Shirts are currently being printed! Each design will be produced from size Small up to size 3XL. Due to high interest, I will send out a notification before the shirts go live. These shirts will be created in limited quantities for the first run.


I will continue to send updates as I receive them from the press + updates on upcoming products that are entering The Somnia Tarot universe.

If you need me to change your address for your shipment, or add new items to an existing order, please feel free to contact me directly at

Being a one man team, I greatly appreciate your patience and support for my vision of creating The Somnia Tarot!

As always - if you have any product suggestions, feel free to email me or contact me on Instagram: @nicolasbruno

- Nicolas