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The College of Psychic Studies: Tarot Tales with creator of The Somnia Tarot, Nicolas Bruno

Nicolas Bruno's Instagram feed is spectacular. Feast your eyes upon visceral dreamscapes that reveal Bruno's own suffocating night terrors. Among these are photographs from his stunning Somnia Tarot - his personal tarot deck in which we see familiar themes revisioned through the lens of Nicolas' camera. Here, he reveals how the tarot has inspired his journey as an artist...

The Somnia Tarot was featured at The College of Psychic Studies conference titled Tarot Weekend!

"...Featuring the extraordinary talent that is Nicolas Bruno. Nicolas flew in from his home in New York to reveal the fascinating backstory of his Somnia Tarot deck. These photography-based cards have taken the tarot world by storm, especially following the revelation that these enigmatic images are all self-portraits! In his talk, he revealed the terrifying ordeals of his sleep disorder, which greatly influenced the creation of this deck."

The Somnia Tarot has been acquired by The College of Psychic Studies for their permanent Museum Archive.